About the Safety Assessor

Qualified cosmetic safety assessor, based in the UK and working for clients throughout Europe


The Safety Assessor for Garrs Cosmetic Safety (GCS) is Geraldine Garrs.  She worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 15 years before moving to the cosmetics industry in 2012.

Geraldine worked as a regulatory and laboratory scientist in a number of pharmaceutical companies before she began working as a regulatory scientist and technical support in the cosmetic and personal care regulatory sector.

Geraldine gained the additional knowledge and experience to become a qualified safety assessor for cosmetic products in the EU.

Garrs Cosmetic Safety provides Cosmetic Product Safety Reports to brand owners and cosmetic business owners throughout the UK and the EU.

Qualifications, Training and Experience

Geraldine Garrs has experience assessing all kinds of ingredients including: botanical extracts, essential oils and perfumes, as well as all the standard and well-known cosmetic ingredients. 

She has the required qualifications to enable her to provide compliant Cosmetic Product Safety Reports in both the UK and the EU. For instance, she became a Chartered Chemist with the Royal Society of Chemistry as a Pharmaceutical Scientist in 2005 and re-chartered in 2015 after working in the cosmetics sector. Further relevant training and qualifications include:

Geraldine Garrs (centre) receiving Chartered Chemist certificate from Helen Pain, Acting CEO of the RSC (left) and Professor Sabine Flitsch (right).