EU Cosmetic Safety Reports

High quality, compliant safety assessment reports for selling your cosmetic products in the EU/UK. Fast, efficient assessment by an experienced, qualified professional.


Why Choose GCS?

GCS is dedicated to helping you achieve regulatory compliance of your cosmetic or personal care products, by providing high-quality Cosmetic Product Safety Reports compliant to Annex I of the EU Regulation EC1223/2009.

Types of products

Bath bombs, soaps, lip balms, body butters, face and body oils etc. can be assessed. Invaluable advice on the safety of your recipes and how to comply with the Regulations is also provided.

COVID-19 update: GCS will be open and continue to operate as normally as possible during this period of social distancing in the UK, but delays may inevitably be experienced.

Client Base

We generally work with new producers of cosmetics, business startups, home-crafters and small businesses ready to scale-up


Reports include an evaluation of all ingredients with Margins of Safety making them fully compliant and giving you confidence in the safety of your products at a competitive price


Our email response time is usually within 2 business days and turnaround time for reports is less than six weeks.

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What My Clients Say

Brexit: the outcome of negotiations for the UK to leave the EU is uncertain. It is anticipated that the regulatory environment for cosmetics will not change in the UK. CTPA updates on the progress of Brexit and the potential impact on the cosmetics industry can be found here. The location of safety assessors does not have to be in the EU but qualifications of the safety assessors should be confirmed as equivalent in a member state.  GCS can provide that information on request. CSPRs issued by GCS will remain valid in the UK and EU after the withdrawal of the UK from the EU.